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My Own Street?

You may now buy streets around the world! Any street that is special for you. A street with your name, where you were born or where you first met someone. Buy them and get the certificate of ownership.

A Special Gift

A street is a nice, original, considerate and even economic present.

Help Those in Need

Part of the profits will go to charity.

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Buy the streets you wish and receive digital certificates...

Give away streets, a special gift.

An original, considerate and economic present

Want to own your street?

Have fun buying streets that mean something for you. Get your certificate of ownership

Where did you first meet your girlfriend?

How about giving that street to her as a present?

How many streets are there in the world with YOUR NAME?

Or with your wife´s name? Or your mother´s name?

What´s your favorite street ON PLANET EARTH?

More than 40 million streets in the entire world for you to choose from

Help others while you have fun.

Part of the profits will go to charity

Show off!

Share your acquisitions easily with Facebook. Your friends will love to know

Have fun spending little.

For as little as cents you may buy a street. You may resell your properties for a higher price later and gain more credits to buy more streets and extend the fun

How Would You Like To Buy Streets or Avenues?

Now you can buy streets of almost any city, town or village in the entire world! Just search the street, select it and buy it! It´s easy, fun and may cost as little as a cents! Search now for your favorite streets and see if they are still available. See our special credits offer and guarantee the streets you like. Good luck and have fun!

A Special Present!

Looking for an original gift for someone dear? How about a street? Why not offer your girl or boy friend the street where you first met? Or where they live? Or some special street in their home town? A different and fun mother´s day gift? Father´s day? Valentine’s day? Teacher´s day? Birthday? Or just any day?

Earn Credits With Our Special Packages

Take advantage of our special packages and earn many credits. Make profit buying and selling streets and earn even more credits to buy more streets and continue the fun. Click here and find the ideal package for you.

Help the GAPES

Part of the profit of MyStreetMyLife will go to Gapes

GAPES is a nonprofit association that provides clinical work in the areas of speech, audiology and psychology as well as a work of social integration for mentally disabled young people.

Earn New Titles And Gain Credits

From “Street Jr.” to “Almighty”, each time you grow you gain credits.


Rename your streets or give a nickname

You can give nicknames to your streets and they will appear on the “nicknames layer”!